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Clean your line.
Use a lubricant cleaner on your line. Not alone does it protect your line, but makes for longer casting distance.

Countdown method, when spinning.
You can use the same lure to work all depths. Your lure sinks at a set rate, e.g, 2feet/second. Simply cast out, allow lure to sink for 3,5,7,9secs (6/10/14/18feet)etc, before starting retrieve. When you finally get a take, you have probably found the feeding depth for that period.
Remember though, feeding depths vary for conditions, and different weights sink at different rates.

Fly Fishing Lessons
We are arranging a series of lessons from a qualified fly fishing instructor, aimed at beginners and improvers. Costs will depend on numbers, so if you are interested, please let us know as soon as possible.

Bubble & Fly
Instead of a worm, why not try a Fly on your bubble float?
Once the splash has subsided, you can present the bait in quite a delicate fashion.
One of the best methods is to fish a sink and draw style. Allow the fly to sink slowly, and then retrieve the bubble gently towards you. As you do, the fly rises slowly in the water, and sinks again when retrieving is stopped.
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